Interesting Things From 2600


Work in progress.

1 Other Mirrors

2 V26N1 Spring 2009

2.1 ATA Security Exposed
hdparm --security-erase-enhanced in Linux

2.2 MP3 Data Stream as a Covert Means of Distributing Information

2.3 Hacker Perspective

Downloaded every word document from .mil and used known techniques to show recently deleted text. Google query: “ext:doc inurl:aa ext:doc inurl:ab ...”

2.4 Hacker Spaces

Austin - ACTLAB
4th Floor of the CMB building on the University of Texas campus

2.5 Social Discourse
Use a Harvard-Style resume
MIT’s Free Courseware

2.6 Letters

If a number is listed, a reverse lookup is free at

2.7 Transmissions

patches to Madwifi drivers, Karma, or airbase-ng automate replying to every wifi query
Karmetasploit uses a spoofed DNS server to alias all remote hosts to itself and brings up a web server serving browser exploits directly to the client
Evilgrade toolkit performs similarly for trapping unprotected or unauthenticated automatic upgrades from assorted software packages

3 V25N4 Winter 2008-2009

3.1 Introduction to Forensic Data Recovery

File recovery software

3.2 Messages

Site that provides information on 2600 articles over the years, including author info and a synopsis of each article.

3.3 Vulnerabilities in the Corporate Sector,289483,sid_gci119144,00.html