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These are some of my Usenet news-related links in random order.
I'll try and comment them as I have time.

Environmental Education - Link: Usenet News
links to DN
USENET Moderators Archive
This archive contains tools written and used by moderators of Usenet newsgroups. In the past, most moderators were forced to write much of their posting software by hand. Sometimes existing moderators would share their sources when asked. Up until now there has not been a single archive where moderators could make what they had available for all to use. It is the intent of this archive to do just that.
Well Engaged corp web site - Home Page
remarQ - Discussions Start Here! --
Talkway: Welcome to Your Community
S.T.U.M.P. Robomoderator Program
STUMP means Secure Team-based Usenet Moderation Program. STUMP is currently working in production and is stable. The robomoderator code is portable and configurable and is publicly available for moderator teams on USENET for free.
Mail to News Gateways
GVU's Seventh WWW User Survey: Newsgroups Graphs
GVU's WWW Surveying Team Graphics, Visualization, & Usability Center study of Usenet use
News Rover -- Scans, downloads and decodes Usenet newsgroup messages
News Rover is the ultimate tool for extracting information from Usenet newsgroups. News Rover automates the process of searching for messages, downloading them, decoding file attachments, and reconstructing files that are split across multiple messages. News Rover does all of this automatically while you are at work, sleeping, or browsing the net. When you are ready to read messages and look at the pictures it has collected, they are ready for instant access on your computer. News Rover does the work, so you don't have to waste time waiting for messages to be downloaded and decoded.
NewsClip(TM) News Filtering Language
a programming language that lets you control what you will and will not read
runs on Unix
DN - Net.Legends FAQ -- Where Are They Now? v1.0 [1/4] - TIN newsreader development headquarters
Directory of /pub/news/clients/tin-unoff
MUSE (multicast netnews)
Kurt Lidl's paper on MUSE (distributing netnews via MBONE multicast)
Newzbot! Public USENET Resources for the Masses
USENET FAQ's and assorted pointers for the first time USENET reader, Moby Lists of Public USENET Servers, bare-bones USENET news readers, etc.
Dave Barr's INN page
This page was started to serve my "unoff" releases of INN, based on version 1.4sec2. Few of the fixes and changes in these releases were actually authored by me, I merely collected them and repackaged them. I now provide no support whatsoever to INN 1.4unoff4. I continue to serve as a "clearing house" for contributed software and unofficial patches to INN. This offloads ISC from having to deal with collecting these interim patches and lets them look at long-term solutions. (Of course this also is a resource for ISC as a source of needed fixes and features in their future releases of INN). Traditionally, most of the "cool" new features of INN have been developed by people outside the main INN development. Don't assume the ISC has the time and resources to change this!
Infinite Ink's Mail, News, and General Messaging
this page contains information (links) relevant to news and mail
Dark Demon's Open NNTP Servers List
UUNet newgroups archive
new group announcements
The Usenet Access Guide
Explains what Usenet is, how to get it.
APOLLO - Matt Dillon's Home Page
xmake, diablo, inn stuff
List of mail to news gateways
if you are more familiar with email than news, you can send an email that gets posted to usenet
IETF nntp extensions working group
Barber's group, working on NNTP extensions
I-D Common NNTP Extensions
In this document, a number of popular extensions to the NNTP protocol defined in RFC977 are documented and discussed. While this document is not intended to serve as a standard of any kind, it will hopefully serve as a reference document for future implementers of the NNTP protocol. In the role, this document would hopefully create the possibility for some level of interoperability among implementations that make use of extensions.
NNTP Full-text Search Extension (draft)
Network News Transport Protocol
info about NNTP, INN, and links to several relevant NNTP mailing list archives
NNTP I-D (RFC 977++)
This is a draft replacement for the NNTP specification.
RFC 977 (NNTP)
NNTP specifies a protocol for the distribution, inquiry, retrieval,
and posting of news articles using a reliable stream-based transmission of news among the ARPA-Internet community. NNTP is designed so that news articles are stored in a central database allowing a subscriber to select only those items he wishes to read. Indexing, cross-referencing, and expiration of aged messages are also provided.
RFC 1036 (messages)
still the standard for usenet message formats
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Information and Documentation:Protocols:NNTP
Yahoo! - News and Media:Usenet
Yahoo! - News and Media:Usenet:Public Access Usenet Sites
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Internet:Usenet
Yahoo! News and Media:Usenet:Searching and Filtering
GroupLens Home Page
collaborative filtering
usenet control message archive
This is an archive of all control messages received since early 1991. newgroups and rmgroups, used to create and remove groups respectively, are arranged in subdirectories by top-level hierarchy. The archive was originally at until Fall 1992 when it was moved to A month or so of messages (around August 1992) are missing.
OPN's Usenet News
has list of available groups, recently created groups, etc.* Homepage
Excellent set of net abuse resources. If you read nothing else, read these.
Directory of /pub/usenet/
IETF Usenet message format working group
Zawinski's group, including Ritter's so-called "Son of 1036"
Creating a newsreader
Some advice for an aspiring news software authors
How To Write a Good Newgroup Message
That's "newgroup", not "newsgroup". Newgroup messages create news groups.
Read This Before You Write News Software
All kinds of excellent suggestions on why you should do anything but write a newsreader, by Tom Limoncelli
a discussion on Usenet versus mailing lists, again by Tom Limoncelli
USENET Storage Space Calculator - L4
you tell it what you want to carry and for how long, it tells you how much storage you need
Usenet Growth Graphs
This page contains information to update and supplement the paper Forecasting Disk Resources for a Usenet Server, which was presented at the 7th Usenix Large Installation System Administration (LISA VII) Conference. The graphs are updated every week or so; commentary will be updated as need and motivation dictate.
Top 1000 Usenet sites
These folks calculate statistics on who distributes the most news
Usenet newsfeed statistics from Primenet
Top 20 feeding sites, newsgroups, newsgroup hierarchies by volume and article count. Average volume an article count by day, hour, weekday. Percentages and ranking. Aggregated over the last day, week, month, total.
Usenet Stats
summarizes the average daily Usenet traffic passing through OpNet during the past 5.00 days.
ISC INN - InterNetNews
INN is the InterNetNews package originally written by Rich Salz (grab the USENET paper Rich wrote about it here). The ISC took over development of INN in 1996 after Rich was unable to continue supporting it and many variants of the software were forming. The first release was a combination of Rich's post-1.4 development, merged with Dave Barr's inn1.4unoff4 release, and other various bits and pieces.
INN manual pages
Installing INN
This document discusses how to install and set up InterNetNews. You should be familiar with Usenet and networks; the first section gives references to documentation for these topics, and the last appendix gives a Usenet overview for novices.
This document also describes what many of the programs do and how they should be used. Even if you are a world-class expert at building and main-taining public software, you should probably read this.
Welcome to HighWind Software
cyclone netnews server
FREE Trial Internet Software - server software: news, email, mail to web, for Microsoft,Windows NT 95,UNIX,Linux etc...
Dnews netnews software
The Fastest-Growing Messaging and Collaboration Server in the Industry Today
I sure hope not...
Usenet Format (UseFor) List Archive
Usenet message format
Netscape Products | Servers Overview Page | SuiteSpot | Internet Messaging | Web Information Sharing | Mission Control | Application Server | Hosting Edition | FastTrack Server
Newsgroups available in Oxford
Nice hierarchical breakdown of the official newsgroups Oxford is receiving
Usenet Newsgroups: Resources
Index to archives of newsgroup postings
Usenet Info Center Launch Pad
This service contains pointers to many useful Usenet FAQ's and the Newsgroups Info Center -- what the project is really about. The Newsgroups Info Center is your source for info on Usenet's Newsgroups. It contains a heritage browsable list of the newsgroups and a way to search for a group of interest. The Newsgroups Info Center is one of the first big attempts to gather all the useful information on a group in one location; including a long description. For more info please see the FAQ, or for some history check out history archives.
Newsgroup Info Center Home Page
Welcome to the Newsgroups Info Center, your source for info on Usenet's Newsgroups. It is a subset (or part 2) of the Usenet Info Center.
Usenet news statistics from DKnet (
MG's House of News Knowledge
excellent set of Usenet links
MaasInfo.UseGroups.html (last edited 1996.Feb.07 09:53 PST)
Contains advice about how to find an appropriate interest group, special list of newsgroups linked with BITNet mailing lists, mailing lists carried by UUCP or linked with newsgroups, how to perform remote keyword search of list of newsgroups, archives of special newsgroups that have information about the creation of newsgroups during the past few years, and where to find original charters of recently-created newsgroups
UseNet Volunteer Votetakers Information Center
RFC 2980
Common NNTP extensions