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Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

Hi, you've reached Travis's homepage. I figure most people come here for stuff I've done, so it's up front. For information about me, see the bottom of the page.

From here to the eyes and ears of the 'net - that's my motto, or it would be if I start having a motto

Free Security Publications

I'm writing a book on security in which I'm trying to capture what I know about security. There may be many books on security, but I hope that this one has some unique insights, and is relatively comprehensive but also timeless.

There are also many other security presentations around here somewhere.

The Unofficial Flash Page

This is my unofficial flash page.

The Python Web Authoring and Programming Pages

The Python Web Authoring and Programming Pages (PWAPP)

Good Ideas

Here are some good ideas I don't have time to implement.

HDB History

I have never seen a good story of how other programmers write code, so I started a HDB history document based on my version control history that shows how the Hard Disk Backup program evolved over time. Perhaps this may be useful to people learning object-oriented programming and design.

A Web-Based File System Browser

An idea for A Web-Based File System Browser, meant for browsing large libraries and collections

Static Blog Generators

Static Blog Generators (incomplete)

The Unofficial Paypal

The Unofficial Paypal

Response To: Opening the Internet - With an Axe

My response

Google Android Links

The Unofficial Google Android Links - a safe pythonic way to drop privs from root

DFD - The Dynamic Firewall Daemon

Program your firewall with DFD!

Safe Firewall Editing Scripts

These scripts allow you to safely edit the firewall rules by scheduling an "at" job to restore the last working configuration in two minutes in case you get locked out. These are a "must have" for remote adminstration.


Linksys BEFSR41

The Post-Intrusion Forensic Toolkit

Intrusion Response Tools


The .profile configuration file is perhaps the most important in Unix. My philosophy is to create one that works everywhere.

Misc Programs

Misc Publications

Documents about Microsoft

Microsoft is very effective at what they do, which is to dominate numerous kinds of software markets with relatively mediocre software. These documents describe how they do it.



[email protected]
"I want to remove the email address, phone number and any other contact information. It'll be a secret. People will see the website, and be intrigued, and want to be in on the secret. In fact, take off the text too. I just want them to see the images. It makes people think of security, like the Batman symbol."